Performance neuropsychology with Dr Chris Friesen, author of Achieve

On September 2023 we had the privilege of sitting down for an in-depth conversation with Dr Chris Friesen, Canadian Psychologist and author of the best-selling book ACHIEVE: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, and How To Make It Happen. Dr. Friesen’s expertise and insights into achievement and performance neuropsychology have made him a sought-after figure in the professional and sports spheres.


In this conversation, we delved into the essence of success itself, probed into the intricate processes that athletes undertake to realize their dreams, and questioned whether anyone can truly achieve anything they set their minds to. Furthermore, we explored the unique perspective of neurodivergent individuals in the realm of high achievement. From the basics of ‘what makes people successful?’ to cognitive development, willpower, decision fatigue and more.

This conversation with Dr. Chris Friesen shed light on the intricate workings of the human mind and how they intersect with the pursuit of success. It was a profound exploration of the factors that set high achievers apart, and the strategies that can empower anyone to reach their full potential.

You can access the full conversation between Dr Chris Friesen and Maggie Rojano, Marketing and Communications Manager at Nesplora, here:


Dr. Friesen is a leading authority on the psychology of success. The primary focus in his professional practice is to assist high-achieving individuals, such as executives, entrepreneurs, police and military personnel, and Olympians, as well as elite and professional athletes who are performing at the highest levels. His guidance helps them to continuously improve and unlock their full potential. His expertise is not confined to private practice alone; he is an active member of various prestigious organizations, including the ‘International Society for Neurofeedback Research,’ the ‘American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology,’ the ‘National Academy of Neuropsychology,’ and the ‘American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology,’ among others.



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