neuropsychological assessment through virtual reality

Our tests measure attention, impulsivity, motor activity, executive functions and memory in children and adults.

Ages of 16 and up
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95,000 people evaluated in
30+ countries

+ 600 publications in journals, citations, theses and books

+ 15 languages
Assessment & reports

+ 14 years
Innovating together

Prices adapted to the size of your clinic or hospital

95,000 people evaluated in
30+ countries

+ 600 publications in journals, citations, theses and books

+ 15 languages
Assessment & reports

+ 14 years
Innovating together

Prices adapted to the size of your clinic or hospital

Normative studies
676 – 1469 people

Internal and external validity
Consult our validity studies

Free training
eBooks, videos and webinars

Commercial, clinical and for research

New tests and constant improvements

Normative studies
676 – 1469 people

Internal and external validity
Consult our validity studies

Free training
eBooks, videos and webinars

Commercial, clinical and for research

New tests and constant improvements

All you need is a virtual reality headset, a computer and a WiFi connection.

With your contracted plan you will have access to manuals, guides, demo videos, etc.

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Virtual reality is the technology that provides the highest ecological validity.

Standards and

All of the Nesplora System tests comply with the essential requirements according to the Council Directive 93/42/EEC, its amendments according to Directive 2007/47/EC and with the essential requirements of the EN ISO 13485 management systems regulation of quality for sanitary products. These certifications allow you to use our tests and certify their value in any clinical, forensic or research process.

CE marking

Medical device certificate

European Seal of Excellence

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Nesplora's virtual reality tests are used for neuropsychological assessment and are Level C: individually applied tests of intelligence, personality and other complex instruments. They require a degree in Psychology, Psychiatry or Psychopedagogy and sufficient experience to be able to apply them.

Therefore, they are to be used by professionals in psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, paediatrics, researchers and teachers in the health sector and professionals working in centres, clinics or hospitals.

Yes, the Nesplora tests work with the Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) and also Meta Quest 3, which can be purchased online or in physical stores. You can also consult the Meta Quest website where you can see the authorised retailers.

 Remember to buy the headphones as well, which: 

 - Must cover the pinna. 

-  Must sufficiently insulate against external noise. 

-  Must be easily adjustable to suit different users. 

- Should have leather-type pads or similar in order to facilitate cleaning and proper maintenance. 

The tests are carried out in a virtual reality environment.

Therefore, the person to be assessed will use the virtual reality headset and the professional will use the control software, where the performance of the test can be seen.

 The PC computer must meet the following requirements: 

- Windows 10 or higher, or Mac OS X or higher

- RAM memory: 4Gb 

- Intel HD Graphics or higher. 

 For more information on the minimum hardware requirements, please click here. 


Once you have contracted the plan that best suits your needs, you will have access to manuals, guides, demo videos, etc. to install the headset glasses easily. 

In addition, depending on the plan contracted, it includes a guided installation by our technical service professionals and all plans, without exception, include technical support.

  1. 1. Purchase the virtual reality headset 

     2. Check that you have the necessary hardware to use Nesplora here and an internet connection. 

     3. Choose the most convenient plan here 

     4. If you have any doubts, contact for advice. 

     Once you receive the headset and purchase the plan, you will be able to follow the Nesplora installation guide both on the VR headset and on the PC that will be used to generate the reports and perform the test control. 


 Evaluates attentional processes, impulsivity and motor activity to support, among others, the diagnosis of pathologies such as ADHD. 


 Provides the cognitive-attentional profile together with psycho-pedagogical guidelines to facilitate and adapt learning to the specific needs of each person. 


 Complete evaluation of attentional processes, impulsivity, working memory and cognitive flexibility, oriented to pathologies and transitory processes of adult life, such as anxiety or depression. 


 This test measures the different components of the executive functions and learning, providing useful information for the diagnosis of dysexecutive syndromes and pathologies with frontal involvement. 


 This is the only test that evaluates different components of memory to provide support in the diagnosis of dementia and disorders with alterations in memory function. 

AULA assesses attentional processes, impulsivity and motor activity to support, among others, the diagnosis of pathologies such as ADHD.​

The AULA report is a graphical report that facilitates general reading of cognitive performance to expedite diagnostic support and referral

The AULA School report is a narrative report that explains the cognitive profile together with some psycho-pedagogical guidelines to facilitate and adapt learning to each person’s specific needs. 

A use is equivalent to a results report generated from a neuropsychological assessment with any of our products using a virtual reality headset. 

 One results report is equivalent to one use, the same report of one evaluation can be generated as many times as needed. 

Nesplora has plans for all types of users and needs. 

 There is an initial Plan (BITS), without recurrent payment, with an initial registration fee and pay-per-use on demand. The rest of the Plans (Essential or Professional) are more economical subscriptions depending on the needs of each centre. There is no entry fee and there is a recurrent payment, which can be monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on the chosen modality. 

 Nesplora has no permanence, so it is possible to cancel or change Plans/subscriptions whenever the user wishes, always complying with the terms and conditions established. 

 All the information about the plans can be found here. 

We have very detailed interpretation manuals for each of the products, both in Spanish and English; we also have online training videos for each of the products. This way, you will always know how to interpret the test. 

Here you can find a list of the tests that are included in each Nesplora System plan. 

Nesplora's guarantees must be seen from several points of view: hardware, software, data analysis and the tests themselves. 

All Nesplora tests are CE marked and certified as medical devices by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, comply with European directives regarding ethics and data protection and our software meets European standards. These certifications allow them to be used in any clinical, research or forensic procedure with all the guarantees for the professional. All our tests meet previous criteria of usability of software and hardware with representative samples (field trials) that avoid interpretation errors associated with the use or understanding of the test. 

Regarding virtual reality devices, we have always had ophthalmological certifications that support their safety during the evaluation period.  They do not cause dizziness, nor can they affect vision, in fact, they can detect anomalies in vision early on. Virtual reality also ensures greater involvement of the subject, a greater sense of presence in the environment and greater collaboration on their part.

The tests themselves meet all the standards associated with international psychometric assessment: standardisation, theoretical foundation, interpretation norms, and age norms or norms on which we standardise our tests with samples that are large enough to represent the majority of the population studied. The normative studies have been published in Q1 journals with specialists in psychometrics and data analysis in addition to the authors. The scales are accompanied by studies on reliability, convergence with other tests and scales, sensitivity, and criterion and construct validity. Studies with different pathologies, studies in different countries and cultures, pre-post treatment studies, large sample studies, studies with cognitive diversity and test-retest studies are added. 

As a differential value we can add the ecological validity that makes our tests unique in the world, reducing cultural bias and evaluator bias to a minimum. 

In the manuals of the tools, the theories underlying the cognitive constructs assessed are explained. These are based on a theoretical foundation in which we only consider paradigms with scientific evidence and widely agreed upon.

 Nesplora was highly recognised for its scientific and innovative value by the European Commission. You can access all the information about the great disruptive innovation project that gave Nesplora's products the ethical and scientific value that endorses us here.

 On the research page you can see all this information, and you will receive the manuals and main product keys when you purchase the licence. 

We are continuously working to provide you with documentation and training for the interpretation of our tests in your clinical or research practice. 

 If you need more information, please contact our scientific department at

Nesplora does not store report data. Each report generated by Nesplora is stored on the local computer of each centre or clinic. The professional will use their internal data protection procedures to guard the reports. 

Subscriptions are automatically renewed. 

 When the client indicates to us that they wish to change or cancel the plan/subscription, the change or cancellation will be made. 

The Nesplora licence is associated with a single Virtual Reality device. 

 If you need to use the Nesplora licence on more than one Virtual Reality headset, please contact our sales department to benefit from the Nesplora multi-device offers for the same centre. 

When 3 or more centres subscribe to a plan, we offer discounts for Enterprise plans. 

 Contact our sales department for these offers.