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Nesplora Giunti Psychometrics Products

NESPLORA Giunti Psychometrics develops specialized products for 3 main fields:

Nesplora Attention

Evaluates attention processes, motor activity, attention activity, working memory and cognitive flexibility by measuring auditory and visual attention, motor activity, impulsivity, selective and sustained attention, quality of attention focus and reaction time, perseveranceand and the task switching cost.

Ages 6 to 16

Ages 6 to 16

Ages of 16 and up

Nesplora Executive

Evaluation of executive functions: planning abilities, working memory, processing speed and cognitive flexibility

Ages of 8 and up

Nesplora Memory

Evaluation of long-term memory processes and recognition; immediate memory, source memory, and short-term memory

Ages of 12 and up

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Start working with Nesplora and discover all its benefits!

All you need is a virtual reality headset, a computer and a WiFi connection.

With your contracted plan you will have access to manuals, guides, demo videos, etc.


Optimize time during your assessments

A report including results and interpretation is automatically generated after completing the test, which takes less than half an hour.


Free counseling from our team of neuropsychologists

We’re here to solve your doubts, help you and guide you in the interpretation of the report.


All the advantages of assessment through virtual reality

Bias interference is minimized to the minimum thanks to the design of our immersive environments isolated from external stimuli.


Updates to all our tests at no additional cost

Your access to the platform allows you to enjoy new content and improvements, delivering you the best quality and the latest cutting edge technology at all times.

Standards and

All of the Nesplora System tests comply with the essential requirements according to the Council Directive 93/42/EEC, its amendments according to Directive 2007/47/EC and with the essential requirements of the EN ISO 13485 management systems regulation of quality for sanitary products. These certifications allow you to use our tests and certify their value in any clinical, forensic or research process.

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