Nesplora: Unlocking a Multilingual Experience in Neuropsychological Assessment

In a groundbreaking stride towards inclusivity and personalized care, Nesplora’s tests have pioneered a revolutionary approach. Picture this: a patient can undergo tests with audio instructions in their preferred language, while the professional receives the comprehensive report in a different language. This innovation not only reflects our commitment to meeting patients where they are but also acknowledges the diverse linguistic landscape in which healthcare operates. The ability to seamlessly bridge language gaps ensures that individuals, regardless of their linguistic background, can fully comprehend and engage with the assessment process. It’s not just a test; it’s a testament to our dedication to breaking down language barriers, offering a truly tailored experience that extends beyond borders and resonates globally.


At Nesplora we’re committed to providing comprehensive and accessible tools for neuropsychology professionals to better help their patients. In the following image we delve into the myriad languages available in both the audio of the tests for patients to choose their own language (or even local accent) and the reports tailored for professionals. You can choose to combine different languages to foster personalisation.

This information refers to November of 2023. We’re constantly working to improve the experience of professionals and patients, extending the languages available in each product. Our goal is to ensure that any individual can access Nesplora’s tests and products in the language that resonates with them.

Same language, different accents and nuances

Yes, our test are in Spanish and English, among many more. But something relevant to note is that in some tests, patients can choose their audio to be in their local accent: Argentinian, Chilean, Cuban, Peruvian, Mexican and Colombian for Spanish (apart from Spanish from Spain), and between UK English or US English. Our team can give you all the details you need when exploring the audio options.

Exploring our diverse array of tests

From children and attention, to memory and executive functions in adult population, our tests are designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals in the field. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive cognitive evaluations, insightful reports, or state-of-the-art technological solutions to assess attentional processes, our products are crafted to elevate your practice. Click below to explore our full suite of products.

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