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Nesplora has advanced the market by developing products based on Virtual Reality. This technology allows to define, describe and provide unbiased and concise information on multivariate cognitive and behavioral processes in simulated environments. They design and develop innovative tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with far-reaching and wide-spread problems, such as Alzheimer s disease, hyperactivity, mental illnesses, strokes, autism and other disorders. They can evaluate a disorder such as an attention deficit, a complex process such as a decision making, a cognitive function such as memory in all its variants, or a specific skill for a particular job. Their products are scientific tests, all of them barred, tested and validated. They bring to the discipline of psychology the level of precision that a blood or urine test (measurement of cholesterol levels, platelets, red blood cells, etc.) contributes to traditional medicine.

Here you can obtain the information of our system, explanatory videos of the reports and commercial information.

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You can see several videos of our tools on our channel

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Virtual reality for better diagnosis of mental disorders


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