Validity Performance in the AULA Nesplora Test


It is an acclaimed necessity that performance tests in any domain include an integrated performance validity subtest as suboptimal effort is a stumbling block to accurate assessment, especially in compensation-seeking individuals (Bashem, 2022). As has been advocated for the past two decades, the use of psychometric indicators is the most valid approach to identify neuropsychological response validity, as well as independent effort measures and embedded validity indicators (EVI). Employing an EVI constructed by the test authors, or by the owners of the commercial operation, rather than relying on external validators, represents a methodological advance, as it reduces the level of inference involved in determining the validity of a given test score (Erdodi, 2014). Analysing patterns of performance within the instrument to establish the credibility of the response set seems to be a logical approach in assessing performance validity, although for more demanding domains highly sensitive measures may be needed in addition to the embedded ones (Bussé, 2012).

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Rebon Ortiz, Fidel & Altuna, Inĩgo & Lobo, Amaya & Salillas, Elena & Climent, Gema. (2022). Validity Performance in the AULA Nesplora Test.

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