The Feedback: A key to learning-oriented assessment

This article presents the findings of an action research focused on the analysis of the feedback processes between students and teachers understood from a learning-oriented approach to assessment.

The context of the research is the Master in Higher Education Teaching, which involved lecturers from different disciplines teaching at the University. The first cycle of the selfreflection spiral of action research is detailed and analyzed.

Data were collected through different instruments, including feedback letters, reflective journals, discussion groups and group interviews. The findings show the relevance of the process of elaborating personal letters as a feedback tool as well as its incidence on the motivation of participants and on the promotion of their learning. In addition, this study provides more detail about the types and conditions of feedback processes which have an impact in a learning-oriented assessment.

The influence of the process of feedback on the emotional and personal sphere of the participants is shown. The feedback letters allowed promoting global, complex and authentic assessment processes and therefore relevant and deep learning experiences beyond just strategic ones.

Finally, from the teachers-investigators perspective the contribution of this process to the analysis, reflection and improvement of their teaching practice, and therefore, of their own professional development, is discussed.

Canabal García, Cristina & Margalef, Leonor. (2017). The Feedback: A key to learning-oriented assessment. Profesorado. 21. 149-170.


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