Test-retest validation of AULA NESPLORA (Virtual Reality Continuous Performance Test) for ADHD

Based on the lack of statistically significant differences between data collected in studies our subjects, in the same clinical conditions and a week apart, we can conclude that the study AULA NESPLORA made to the same patient with a week of separation does not carry with memory effect. Therefore, this period is sufficient to detect variations in the clinical course of the patients studied. This implies the use of monitoring of short-term clinical changes.

Finally, as this aspect, there are s0ll many others for researching and potential applications of this test in clinical practice The objectivity, speed, stability, and ability to perform periodic comparisons of the situation of each individual in a short space of 0me, are such that AULA NESPLORA is a test of great practical value in assessing patients with ADHD.

Test-retest Valida0on of AULA NESPLORA. (Virtual reality con0nuous performance test) for ADHD] [Fernández Fernández MA1; Morillo Rojas MD1;] [Instituto Andaluz de Neurología Pediátrica. España] – [Pediatric Neurology Andalusian Institut. Spain] Hospital Universitario de Valme. Sevilla. España. Valme University Hospital. Seville. Spain


Full text: Test-retest validation of AULANESPLORA (virtual reality continuous performance test) for adhd.pdf

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