On Skill Transfer of Memory and Attention Technology-Based Training: A Scoping Review

Attention and memory skills are essential capacities that can have a profound impact on one’s life and, consequently, on society at large. There has always been a need for effective attention and memory training, which has been growing recently. This growth is due to several reasons including the increasing level of awareness on the positive influence that cognitive readiness can have on productivity in all sectors of the world’s economy. In response to this pressing need, research has focused on adopting new technologies to build innovative tools that can address this challenge. Chronologically, computer-based then mobile-based then, most recently, virtual reality (VR)-based memory and attention training frameworks have been proposed with potentially promising results. This scoping review aims at investigating the skill transfer or cross-impact of the technologybased training of memory and attention. Particularly, this review is meant to cover the computer, mobile, and VR-based training frameworks that featured the following transfer scenarios: 1) attention training to memory improvement, 2) memory training to attention improvement, 3) and cognitive training to improvements in memory and attention. In conclusion, most of the articles covered in this review indicated that near and distant transfer between different cognitive aspects do exist across diverse technologies, e.g., computer, mobile, and VR. Having such a map from frameworks to skills would help us optimize training program development and content design. While we focused on attention and memory, other cognitive aspects appeared among the affected factors including reaction time and inhibitory control.

This study cites New virtual reality tool (Nesplora Aquarium) for assessing attention and working memory in adults: A normative study


Ahmad Al-Kabbany, Farah Gamal, Hoda Azzam, Mohamed El Said, Reem Yasser, Roaa Ehab: On Skill Transfer of Memory and Attention Technology-Based Training: A Scoping Review (2023) 

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