EXecutive-functions Innovative Tool – EXIT 360: Development and Validation of a new 360-video instrument for executive functions


This thesis offers a broad overview of EXecutive-functions Innovative Tool 360° (EXIT 360°) development from its concept to validation as a sensitive new-brand instrument for evaluating executive functionality. As described in Chapter 1 (“Executive Functions and Virtual Reality”), among cognitive impairments, executive dysfunction represents a significant and increasing public health problem due to its high negative impact on daily activities (e.g., shopping, cooking, managing money, working) and quality of life. Therefore, identifying early strategies to detect these executive impairments appears to be a priority in the field of neuropsychology.




Psychiatric Disorders Schizophrenia Virtual Action Planning Supermarket (VAP-S) Virtual Supermarket Shopping Task (VSST) Virtual Multiple Errands Test (VMET) Obsessive and Compulsive Disorders (OCD) Virtual Multiple Errands Test (VMET) Mood Disorder Jansari assessment of Executive Functions Nesplora Aquarium


Neurodevelopmental Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) Continuous Performance Testing (based on Virtual Reality) Nesplora Aquarium Virtual classroom

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