Nesplora’s System

At Nesplora, we analyze human behaviour with the new generation of neuropsychological assessment tests, while using the most innovative technology: virtual reality (VR). Our tests provide clinicians and researchers objective reports quicker and more accurately than traditional assessment methods.

Nesplora’s System is the first online VR neuropsychological assessment platform. In order to access the platform you can choose between one of our many licensing options depending on your needs.

These are the tests you can find on Nesplora’s System:

– NESPLORA AULA: this is the only test on the market aimed at children from 6 to 16 years old that provides a reliable and objective report on the subject’s movement response and cognitive attentional profile. The test takes place in a virtual environment using a headset with movement detectors. While the child is performing the task some visual and auditory distractors will appear. This test is specifically oriented to clinical context and provides the perfect support for the assessment of attentional processes and early detection of attentional difficulties.

Click here to watch a video about Aula (play English subtitles)

– NESPLORA AULA SCHOOL: this test also provides a reliable and objective report on the subject’s movement response and cognitive attentional profile. However, it is adapted for educational use since its report provides specific educational guidance, according to the attentional profile of the child assessed. This guidance gives pedagogic strategies adapted to each student and takes strengths and weaknesses into account in order to adapt and facilitate the learning processes to the diversity in the classroom.

Click here to watch a video about Aula School.

– NESPLORA AQUARIUM: this is the first VR standardized and norm-referenced test to assess attentional processes and working memory in adults (over the age of 16). During the test, different CPT (Continuous Performance Test) paradigms are performed, including dual execution tasks.

Click here to watch a video about Aquarium.

What makes us unique?

  • Solid investigation and knowledge base: our tests are scientifically validated and endorsed by numerous publications, clinical and norm studies based on samples of 1500 – 3000 people.

  • Our multidisciplinary team: our team is made of neuropsychologists and tech professionals who place us at the top of technology and neuroscience innovation.

  • Our programs are being implemented in more than 25 countriesand we work together with leading clinical practice organisations.

  • Our tests are CE certified(«Conformité Européenne» ) and internationally certified as Medical Devices.

  • Each test has a high ecological validity of cognitive assessment provided by VR as well as high reliability and sensibility.

  • High speed: tasks and complete report available in approximately 20 minutes.

Would you like to improve the quality of your evaluations using the fastest and most objective and accurate systems available on the market?

Join Nesplora’s System and take advantage of the benefits:

1. All your assessment tests are one click away! In one digital platform you can find every test you need to quickly and accurately assess different cognitive processes in both children and adults.

2. Keep yourself updated. One purchase gives you access to every existing test plus the ones we are about to launch onto the market. Forget about paying for new items and updates.

3. Save time. Quickly receive objective and reliable reports. Tasks and reports take about 20 minutes.

4. Receive technical support. Our multidisciplinary team will solve your doubts and help you get the most out of your assessments.

5. Improve the quality of your diagnoses. Do you need support? We also provide neuropsychological guidance to offer you the best guidelines to analyze test results.

6. Get rid of bias. Our tests have been designed to be culturally neutral so external variables do not interfere with results. Moreover, VR provides us with the exact same conditions every time we assess, so your own evaluator bias does not affect the result. Have you got foreign clients? Great! Language won’t be a trouble either, as our tests are available in many languages and also variations of English and Spanish.

7. Improve the performance of treatments. Analyse and quantify your patient’s progress by assessing before and after treatment.

8. Provide value and professionalism. Get professional reports personalised with your brand logo. Our reports include graphics and images that will help you explain the information to your client.

9. Increase your trustworthiness and differentiate yourself from competitors. Improve the way you are seen by implementing the most advanced technology in your clinic. You will have the most innovative and accurate technology and support from Nesplora, which is always at the top of neuroscience and technology.

10. Increase your center or clinic visibility. Get Nesplora’s certificate and appear on our website, https://centers.aulanesplora.com/, together with leading centers that also rely on new generation assessment technology.

11. Learn with us and do not miss a thing. Our newsletter, webinars and social media will provide you with useful and valuable content so you can make the most out of Nesplora’s System, thus improving the quality of service you offer to your clients.

What type of license best suits your needs?

(1) Basic. Includes:

* Nesplora’s Anual Subscription (600 euros/year)

* Usage packages to choose from: Standard, Advanced, Professional or Premium (you can find prices, terms & conditions in our portfolio)

(2) Pro (one payment of 1600 euros/year) includes:

*  Nesplora´s Annual License (600 euros/year)

*  12 PREMIUM Usage packages (unlimited uses for 12 months) = 10 PREMIUM Usage packages (100 euros/month) + 2  PREMIUM Usage packages FOR FREE, courtesy of Nesplora.

What does a license include?

Nesplora’s Annual License gives you access to Nesplora’s System. You can use any test we have available for one year + 6 uses for free.

What are “Usages”?

Each use corresponds to an automatic report coming from a cognitive assessment. Usages you have purchased can be used to generate reports from any test and have no expiration date (except for PREMIUM, which has unlimited usages for 12 months from the purchase date).

How can you purchase?

You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

What do you need to use our tests?

Devices you need:

1. Virtual Reality Glasses SAMSUNG GEAR VR

2.  Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8.

3.  FLIC buttom: https://flic.io/ or Samsung device

4. Headphones: must completely cover the subject’s ears, cancel external noise, size adjust to different users and be easy to clean.

In order assure to the correct performance of Nesplora’s tests you will also need:

1. Operating System: Windows or Mac OS X

2. RAM Memory: 1Gb

3. Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics or higher

4. WiFi access

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